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Best Emerging Singer

Melbourne is a culturally rich city that embraces all styles and genres of music. Here, people love and appreciate all types of music and encourage new-age singers to showcase their creative stuff. With the inspiration to boost youngster’s talent, we have picked up the ‘BEST EMERGING SINGER’ category. If you have pro singing skills in Pop/Rock/Jazz/Blues/Australian Western Classical/Gospel music, there is good chance to win this award.

Best Musician (Instrumental)

The BEST MUSICIAN (Instrumental) award is presented to the deserving composer who has created an original piece of music by playing Piano/Guitar/Drum/Violin/Xylophone/Sexophone/Flute. In short, any style of music is eligible for this instrumental category.

Best Creative Writer

Writing stories, poems, narrative non-fictions and novella is a true art and that’s why we have added the ‘BEST CREATIVE WRITER’ category in our list of awards to let inspirational writers showcase their piece of art and win hearts of the audience.

Best Band Group

Do you have a band group? If yes, then participate in our one of our popular Live Band Competitions held every month in different suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. It can be your group chance to become the Best Band Group in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Best Dancer

Dancing is an art and we encourage you to be a part of this industry. If you love dancing and have state-level accomplishments, then you are eligible for our Jaxter Artists Awards nomination. We promote hip-hop, contemporary, Salsa, Jazz, Locking & Popping dance forms and awards will be given on basis of your performance, skills, and dancing know-how.

Best Art Designer

We, at Jaxter Melbourne Artists Awards, honour the best designers, painters, photographers, interior and fashion designers and art directors of Melbourne with the sole aim to provide them recognition, fame and bright future.

Discovering, exploring, encouraging and honouring young artists across the Melbourne, Victoria. We inspire youngsters to unveil their creative skills to the world.

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