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About Jaxter Melbourne Artists Awards

Our mission is to discover and support young people who want to build their career in art and entertainment industry in Australia.

At Jaxter Melbourne Artists Awards, we address children and youngsters to explore any art and entertainment form, including visual arts, paintings, singing, dancing, writing stories, fashion designing, photography, etc. and get honoured by the Melbourne’s popular celebrity artists.

Our sole objective behind organising the artist award every year is to build confidence among the young and talented artists so that they can fulfil their dreams and make their parents, state, and country proud. Since from our first award show, we have honoured many deserving artists. Many of the award winners have continued to their successful creative career and became household names in the art and entertainment industry.

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Discovering, exploring, encouraging and honouring young artists across the Melbourne, Victoria. We inspire youngsters to unveil their creative skills to the world.

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24-30 Taryn Drive, Epping VIC 3076
03 9408 9861