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    Jaxter Melbourne Artists Awards

    We are the Melbourne’s longest running artist awards show that recognises and praises young talents. Our fundamental approach is towards connecting talented individuals to the world via live performances, events and award ceremony in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs such as South Yarra, West Melbourne, St Kilda, Southbank, etc.

  • We Inspire Young Artists
    To showcase their creative work

    The Jaxter Melbourne Artist Awards honours a diverse industry of artists across the Melbourne and help them gain more popularity across the globe. We pride ourselves in praising young singers, musicians, painters, writers, fashion designer, interior decorator and the list goes on.

  • Creating Precious Moments
    By honouring the real talent

    We took the initiative to motivate young people to grow their artistic and leadership skills in different industries and get honoured in front of their fans and Melbourne audience.

About our Inspiring Concept

We, at the Jaxter Melbourne Artists Awards, aimed at embracing the Australian artists and help them create their own success stories using their creativity and artistic skills.

The concept behind organising Artist Awards Show is to help talented youngsters get the most out of their skills in the form of feedback and prizes. We organise this award ceremony every year and invite all the potential celebrities of different industrial verticals across Melbourne, including Parkville, Carlton, East Melbourne, Flemington, etc.

The Jaxter Artists Awards are presented by highly skilled members of judges who laid the foundation to provide young singers, musicians, dancers, band groups, writers and fashion designers with mentorship, exposure and prizes. Every year, we present our awards to the people who are contributing their creative work in different industries of the state with the same enthusiasm and dedication. We take immense pride in boosting the young talent of our city while preserving the true essence of art and craft. Our Awards Ceremony is entertaining, engaging and full of life. You can also participate if you have a real talent and potential.

Embracing Talents & Creating Opportunities



Live Music
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Our Artists Award Categories:
  1. Best Emerging Singer Pop/Rock/Jazz/Blues/Gospel
  2. Best Musician (Instrumental) Piano/Guitar/Drum/Violin/Xylophone/Saxophone/Flute
  3. Best Creative Writer Short story/Poems/Narrative Non-Fiction/Novella
  4. Best Band Group Pop/Rock/Hard Rock/Metal Live/Jazz/Blues
  5. Best Dancer Hip-hop/contemporary/Jazz/Salsa/Locking & Popping
  6. Best Art Designer Photographer/Interior Designer/Art Director/Fashion Designer

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